Magnetic grating, type series HLM R...

HLM R7-SR with safety limit switch with extended magnetic drawer

Area of application 

The type HLM R… magnetic filter is used for separating ferromagnetic and paramagnetic iron impurities from dry, powdery, free-flowing, lumpy 

product flows in free-fall lines. It is designed for and used in hygienic and aseptic areas of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries in accordance with the special requirements of the operating company. 

Operating principle 

The product to be cleaned flows through the magnetic filter, and in particular the magnet rods, in a cascade-like manner with the magnetisable ferromagnetic and paramagnetic iron impurities being attracted by the magnetic rods and sticking to them. 


To remove the captured impurities the housing is opened and the magnet insert is pulled out of the housing. The impurities are removed from the magnet rods or may optionally be stripped off using a cladding tube system. 

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Your questions