Magnetic filter unit type series HLM T1-…

Inline filter T1-60-150-100 with safety limit switch

Area of application 

The type HLM T1-… magnetic filter is used for separating ferromagnetic and paramagnetic iron impurities from dry, powdery. free-flowing, lumpy product flows which are partially hygroscopic and bridge-forming, in dense-phase conveying and pneumatic conveying systems, as well as for pasty and highly viscous liquids. The filter is designed for and used in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, mineral and raw material industries depending on the respective requirements of the operator. 

Operating principle 

The product to be cleaned flows through the magnetic filter in pneumatic conveying systems with the magnetisable ferromagnetic and paramagnetic iron impurities being attracted by the magnetic rod and sticking to the cladding tube. 


To remove any captured impurities, the magnetic filter is opened and the magnetic insert removed. After cleaning off the adhering product residues the magnetic rod itself can be pulled out of the cladding tube. Impurities can easily be removed from the non-magnetic cladding tube. 

Reassemble magnetic filter in reverse order. 

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Your questions