Type series HLM- APM magnetic filter device for poor flowing and lumpy products with external magnetic plates

APM Standard with square flange connection

Area of application 

The type HLM-APM magnetic filter is used for separating ferromagnetic and paramagnetic iron impurities from dry, poor flowing and lumpy product streams. It is designed for and used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industry depending on the requirements of the operator. 

Operating principle 

The product to be cleaned flows through the magnetic filter, with the magnetisable ferromagnetic and paramagnetic iron impurities being attracted by and adhering to the magnetic plates. 


In order to remove the captured impurities the side doors are opened and swivelled out of the housing, and the cleaning plates are swivelled away from the magnetic plates. The impurities fall off. After cleaning, swivel the cleaning plates back to the magnetic plates, bolt together and close the doors. All the parts remain on the device during the cleaning procedure. 

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Your questions