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Rotation filters – series type RO 3-60

Rotation filter type RO 3-60 is used for the separation of powdery, free-flowing product flows containing ferrous and paramagnetic iron contaminants in the Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry as well as in mineral processing.

Description of function

The material/product is gravity fed into the top of the housing and into the rotor area. When passing through the rotating magnetic rotor, the ferrous and paramagnetic contaminants are attracted and stick to the protective tube. The rotation of the rotor prevents bridging and blocking. The material/product moves vertically downwards, leaving the housing of the rotation filter.
As an option, the rotation filter can be supplied with an automatic cleaning device.

Technical specification
  • Surface flux density * max. 1,3 Tesla
  • Motor rating 0,37 kW
  • Speed 48 1/min
  • Throughput rate **  Kg/h
*  depending on the wall thickness of the protective tube
** depending on the tube cross section, bulk weight, flow properties and nature of product
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