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Automatic filters – series type HLM R-A

Equipment specification:


  • Housing
    Stainless steel material 1.4571/1.4404

  • Finish
    Glass-bead blasted, welding seams ground and passivated, on request electro-polished sanitary finish

  • Magnets
    High-quality neodymium-iron-boron material designed as double-acting cylinder with POM-K5 profile packing and slide ring

  • Flux density on active surface
    13.000 Gauss/1.3 Tesla

  • Connections
    Flange or Jacob connecting flange or as per customer request

  • Controls/pneumatics
    Ready-to-plug-in solution with customer-specific components

  • CAD drawings
    Individually produced for each order


Areas of application:

Separation of dry and free-flowing product flows containing ferrous and paramagnetic iron impurities from 25 µm


  • Food industry
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry


Special features:

Even fine iron abrasions from stainless steel pipes, generated during the production process, can be separated. Conversion of austenitic steel to alpha martensite (magnetic!!)

Operating principle:

Our high-energy rods remove strong and weak magnetic particles from material falling through the product shaft, which are then deposited annularly around the surface of the casing tubes. Using an adjustable pneumatic pulse, these are laterally moved out of the product shaft and ejected by displacement of the magnetic pistons. The special seal, using K5 profiles, ensures that no pressure is lost!

The casing tubes can be individually interchanged. In case of wear, costs for maintenance and spare parts are thus kept to a minimum.


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